management and team leading

If employers or individuals are looking for management and team leading training this is someting I am passionate about delivering. Good training can results in a range of key management skills for the manager / team leader, and by working closely with employers it then allows them to put those sklills into practice as part of their job role.

It is important for managers / team leaders to build on their leadership capabilities, and motivate and engage with individuals / teams. Having an opportunity for them to develop their leadership skills and knowledge, including their values helps creat a better working environment, and can have a big impact on their performance.

Organisations who actively develop their managers / team leaders have effective and confident managers, with better working relationships linked to organisation values.

Management and Team Leading

Staff Development

I provide management and team leading training for people in work looking to progress in the workplace. Training would include core management skills, ability to perform management tasks, how to motivate people to improve performance, change and innovation, a full range of communications skills, managing people and relationships, and leadership.

My experience and skills are ideal for those new to team leading, supervising or management, and I enjoy linking coaching principles to performance and operations management.

Training Providers

I can work in collaboration with training providers in delivering management / team leading courses and I am more than happy to discuss working in colloboration with new training providers.