Customer Service

Customer service is recognised by organisations / individuals for being important to the success of a business. However, it can be difficult to assess because the service provided is judged by people, and it is how they perceive the service provided that determines the success.

It is important for people to be aware of the service they provide before, during and after a purchase / delivery of a service. Those that are good at working with customers adjust themselves to the personality of the person they are providing a service to, and are excellent at receiving customer feedback / understanding it.

Customer Service

Pre-Employment / Staff Development

I provide customer service training for those already in work and as support for people who are unemployed, and looking to gain employment for organisations that have identified a need for customer service skills.  Customer Service training shows potential employers that people are committed to the job role and they can demonstrate they have the right skills to provide a valuable service to the customer.

Employers who have employees that require training can access training I provide which typically involves how to greet the customers (phone or in person), understanding the needs of the customer, responding to the customer with value, developing active listening skills, dealing with angry customers, encouraging customer feedback, what to do with customer feedback, using positive language and the importance of body language / tone of voice.

However, bespoke customer service training can be developed as required and I can discuss requirements in detail with those interested.

Training Providers

I can work in collaboration with training providers in delivering pre-employment courses, employer routeways that includes careers advice and guidance or providing staff training for those already in employment. I am more than happy to discuss working in colloboration with new training providers.