IT Skils

IT skills are a requirement by employers in a wide range of jobs, so IT training is important. Maybe in the past IT skills were only seen as a requirement for jobs in offices or in IT itself but with changes in technology just about every job needs people to have computing skills.

It can also be difficult to apply for jobs if you don’t have sufficient IT skills especially as some jobs are only advertised online. Some of the training I provide is aimed at those looking for work in all job sectors. This particular training is aimed at supporting people into employment and often delivered on behalf of training organisation, welfare to work organisaitons etc. The support and training I can provide is aligned with the needs of the training organisation but typically it involves supporting claimants to improve their skills that are specifically needed in searching for and applying for jobs.

Other coursess I can deliver include a range of IT courses from entry level to level 2 depending on the exact details of the course.

IT Skills

Pre-Employment / Staff Development

I provide IT training for those already in work and as support for people who are unemployed, and looking to gain employment for organisations that have identified a need for IT skills.  IT training shows potential employers that people have the skills required for the job role.

Employers who have employees that require training can access the basic IT training I provide which typically involves the following:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Internet & Email
  • Social Media

However, bespoke IT training can be developed as required and I can discuss requirements in detail with those interested.

Training Providers

I can work in collaboration with training providers in delivering pre-employment courses, employer routeways that includes careers advice and guidance or providing staff training for those already in employment. I am more than happy to discuss working in colloboration with new training providers.