Coaching is a collaborative approach with the focus on supporting people to help themselves to achieve what they want. In many cases coaching can help people to achieve more than they thought was possible.  In some cases, coaching may be linked to the needs/objectives of an organisation or it might be purely based around what the individual desires.

Coaching for success

My approach to coaching is influenced by my experiences in work, various sports and through exploring the work of Timothy Gallwey. This has led me to focus on what interference is preventing people from reaching their full potential in sport, work or any other aspect of their life. Interference could be coming from internal or external sources.


Sessions are confidential with the focus on coachee-led activity that helps people establish their intent or purpose in any given situation. This enables people to identify a way forward that is right for them.

I have created an Elite Athlete Coaching Programme aimed at young talented people (16-24) from a variety of sports. I use this programme as part of my work with a local non-league football club where I support the development of their academy players. In addition to my work in sports, I have also developed an Athletic Worker Coaching Programme aimed at those in the workplace who want to get the best out of themselves.

My services include: performance coaching; leadership development; managing relationships; building resilience; the dual career; transitioning to the second career; transitioning to a new career.

Membership number – 64148559


The benefits to an organisation:

  • Help employees / elite athletes reach their full potential
  • Shows they are committed to the development of employees / elite athletes
  • Facilitates improvement to or reinforces the organisation culture and working environment
  • Increase in employees / elite athletes motivation when they improve their knowledge, learning and become more creative
  • Provides the opportunity to implement a well-structured strategy through using appropriate tools that support individuals to develop
  • Provides an opportunity for individuals to become more aware of themselves and with the support of a coach they may see things in a different way
  • Improved engagement of individuals which will lead to more effective performance / improved retention rates
  • The opportunity to reflect and evaluate progress, including assessing any return on investment


The benefits to an individual:

  • A confidential and safe place for them to explore, learn and develop plans to improve
  • Improvements in individual performance, targets and goals
  • Increased openness to personal learning and development
  • Increased ability to find solutions to work-related / life issues
  • Greater ownership and responsibility
  • Development of self awareness
  • Improvement to specific skills and/or knowledge
  • Changes in behaviour that lead to improved relationships in work /life
  • A focus and an opportunity for them to develop and define career goals, including progression within an organisation / sport
  • The chance to gain a greater understanding of themselves and have the opportunity to improve on development areas, which may also benefit the organisation /sport