A mentoring programme focuses on providing advice and guidance on specific workplace objectives, with the mentor having the relevant knowledge, skills & experience to support the mentee.

I have the experience to be a mentor to those new to a role in a variety of professions and also those in supervisory, team leading, middle management positions. Mentoring can be stand alone or it can be part of a programme that also includes coaching, training. This approach can lead to more successful outcomes for individuals and organisations.


Mentoring for success

Why is mentoring successful?

There a details below identifying the benefits to an organisation and to an individual.


The benefits to an organisation:

  • Assist the induction progress and help new employees integrate into the working environment
  • Provide support and assisted self-development opportunities for individuals to help them reach their potential
  • Motivate and encourage employees by helping them overcome possible frustration and understand / plan their longer term career in line with the organisation’s plans
  • Identify potential and develop future leaders
  • Facilitate improved communications between different areas and levels of the organisation
  • Create a harmonious working culture


The benefits to an individual:

  • Informative induction into a new job and an increased understanding of the organisational culture
  • Improved self-confidence, a sense of self-worth and an understanding of their importance to the organisation
  • Receive guidance on higher level processes within the organisation.
  • A better understanding of the formal and informal structures of the organisation
  • Developing skills in a structured way based on individual needs, and linked to careers advice from a role model
  • Support in focused career advancement – gain first hand experience of how to focus career aspirations into realistic objectives
  • An opportunity to> reflect on their own progress and resolve their own problems, with the support of an experienced mentor
  • Grow professional and personal networks that will assist future development