GT Management Services Employability

Employability training can be beneficial in helping those who are unemployed in finding work. During my time in Welfare to Work I have supported many people into sustainable employment either through training, coaching, managing teams or consultancy.

I am passionated about supporting people back into employment or into their first job which may be the beginning of a work career. Delivering employability training is a great opportunity to support people and empower them to move forward, and most importantly make future decisions long after the training has been delivered.



I provide Employability training aimed at supporting people into employment for training organisations that have funding to support those who are unemployed into work. Support and training I can provide can be aligned with the needs of the training organisation but typically it involves supporting claimants to developing knowledge and skills. Direct support with job search, CV, cover letters, application forms & interviews can be provided plus the development of soft skills recognised by employers as essential for all jobs e.g. problem solving, teamwork and communication.

Training Providers

I can work in collaboration with training providers in delivering pre-employment courses, employer routeways that includes careers advice. I am more than happy to discuss working in colloboration with new training providers.