Not a lot of people will know this but I have had a dream to sing on a stage in front of thousands of people. I have watched Pop Idol, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice. While watching all these people perform on stage I admire what they do and think one day that will be me. However, there is one small problem I can’t sing! I have no confidence!

Imagine how excited I got when I was at an event where there was a company providing singing taster sessions for free without a single drink in sight! It wasn’t Karaoke! When I got there I was greeted by Sarah from Autism Able who enthusiastically told me all about the work they do. I bottled the singing, lack of confidence, but what a great service they provide in increasing the confidence of the people they work with through a variety of methods including singing.

There were two learners present who told me all about how they had benefited from the singing and how they were much more confident getting up on stage, although they said they feel nervous just before going on stage. They also stated how they were more confident doing lots of things due to the support from Sarah.

The activities Autism Able provide doesn’t just involve getting up on stage they run projects producing short films, dance, photography as well as a wide range of other educational courses, employer training and activities.

Educational Courses

Autism Able offer a range of individualised learning programmes to suit people with learning difficulties. They can be FT or PT and include:

  • Art
  • Business Enterprise
  • Catering
  • Child and Social Care
  • Customer Services
  • English
  • Film Making
  • Gardening
  • ICT
  • Maths
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Vocational Studeis
  • Work based learning

Learners receive support with finances via an Individual Support Plan and also receive support in the following areas:

  • Work Experience in a desired area
  • Short Educational Courses
  • Friendship and social interaction
  • Activities, Hobbies and Short Breaks
  • Personal Development and Independence
  • Support Self Employment
  • Music, Film, Art, Dance and Photography

Employer Training

Autism Able deliver bespoke workshops and accredited training to organisations who want their staff to gain a better understanding of Autism and learning difficulties.   This is something I think is worthwhile and while I can’t comment on the training personally Sarah comes across as knowledgeable in her field and they provide specialist SEN support and training to local schools.

Get in touch with Autism Able if you are interested

I think the support they provide is essential to the people they work with and they also run a Social Activities session every Thursday at The Custom Space, South Shields between 5pm to 8pm for those 16+.  It is also good they can provide training to other organisations who come into contact with people who require learning support, helping employees in those organisations to provide a better service.

All staff at Autism Able are qualified tutors and support workers who have experience working with ASC / Autism and other learning difficulties.  You can find out more information from:

Who knows if you pop along you might just see me out of my comfort zone up on stage! After that who knows maybe a World Tour!


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